Local Paola Restaurants

Company Business Address City Phone Number Thursday Friday Saturday
Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar 1301 Kansas Dr. Paola 913.294.2702
Arby’s 1S. Hedge Lane Road Paola 913.294.2504
120 W. Peoria Paola \
Chen’s Buffet 901 N. Pearl Paola 913.294.1188
Circle C Café 1305 Baptiste Dr. Paola 913.557.2200 x x  x
Cornerstone Coffee Shop and Café . Paola 913.294.2229 x x x
x x
El Potro Mexican Restaurant 602 N Pearl Paola 913.294.9989
Latte Cafe
Milos Steakhouse 16 W. Peoria Paola 913.294.4148 x x x
Gambinos 1401 Baptist Paola 913.294.3900
KFC/Taco Bell 201 Angela St. Paola 913.557.4455
McDonalds Paola 913.294.9395
Paola Eatery x x x
Pizza Hut Paola 913.294.4422
Sale Barn Café 26701 Eagle Dr. Paola 913.294.3335 x
Simple Simons Pizza 7 N. Silver St. Paola 913.294.5790
Sonic Drive-In Paola 913.294.4400
Spring of China 1309 Baptiste Dr. Paola 913.557.6888 x x x x
Spudley’s Restaurant 2 Morningside Dr. Paola 913.294.5151 x x x
Subway 1302 Kansas Dr. Paola 913.294.5830
We B Smokin BBQ 30 Eastgate Dr. Paola 913.256.6802 x x x x


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